J. Robertson

J. Robertson or "Slim", is the lead designer, photographer, and the brains behind The Slim Creative. He not only creates functional and multi-purposeful design elements to help you take your brand or business to the next level, but he shoots photography that truly captures a moment in time. He loves to shoot what he feels and mold it into works that express that feeling. Unlike many other creatives, he believes building a unique relationship with his clients is the best way to begin the creative process. With his design degree from NC State, he not only have the technical knowledge and skills to handle any project, but has experience just living life and loving people that fuel his creativity.

J "Slim" Robertson | Owner of The Slim Creative 


Robert Swann


My name is Robert Carl Swann and I'm a visual artist from Washington D.C. My roots in art stem from my up bringing, art being one of the only real way to express myself growing up. Since getting to North Carolina and pursuing a career as a photo-journalist, the main goal of my photography has been to use it as a way to tell the stories of those less fortunate and the voices of people who are discriminated against, whether that be with my work with El Centro Hispano, helping Hispanic immigrants or working with Spectrum at Durham Tech, using my job in the the school's marketing department to promote a safe space for LGBTQ+ students. Growing up in D.C in poverty, around violence and racism and seeing the standards for what's deemed as beautiful and the American dream is what has pushed me to want to put other people, other races, and other sexuality on display through my art. As a black man, a former gang member and criminal, a victim of rape, and journalist, I feel like it's not only important, but necessary for me to be an advocate and support as many as possible with my art. 

- Robert Swann, Photographer


Matthew Harris

Email: nessk195@gmail.com

Instagram: @Shutterpoltergeist 


Malik Baynes

My name is Malik Baynes. I started photography a few years ago, and have been enjoying it as a hobby ever since. Something that I've always gravitated towards when it comes to shooting is embracing and capturing natural beauty. The subject captured in the photos in this project is meant to depict self love, embracing your own sexuality, embracing your self, and appreciating your curves. I wanted this to be as tasteful as possible, but also wanted the meaning to be implied by the way the subject holds herself.


Queshon Cannon

IG: @q_cannon

Website: www.auwave.studio

Medium: Photographs/Prints


Caleb Gorham

Caleb Gorham is a 25-year-old multidisciplinary artist who lives in Cary, N.C. He graduated from Chowan University in 2016 but has been working as a Graphic Designer for 3 years now. He currently works at Grifols as their Advertising and Art Specialist. When he is not sitting in front of his Mac creating content, you can find him painting pictures of bizarre monsters and stuffing his face with pizza. His ultimate goal is to spread love and joy through his work and provide an outlet for people to escape from the hardships of reality.


Iseah Jelani

Iseah Jelani is a young artist from Roanoke Rapids, NC. His art has always been a reflection of what he has seen and what  he's felt. He does not have an artistic language but if he had to choose it would be Cubism. He is always exploring, trying new things, and has never being afraid to execute his
work with a different approach.

Email: jelani1822@gmail.com

IG: @iseahjelani

Muslimah Shareef


" I am Brooklyn born and raised artist that goes by the name of HTMR. It stands for He Taught Me Right, that he is my dad. He taught me everything I know about opening up to my own talent and allowing people to view critique and love it in their own way. I tapped into my talent in depth in 2015 and have seen a lot of different situations unravel in my lifetime and for this series I wanted to make something that showed the grey area of my life."