J. Robertson

J. Robertson or "Slim", is the lead designer, photographer, and the brains behind The Slim Creative. He not only creates functional and multi-purposeful design elements to help you take your brand or business to the next level, but he shoots photography that truly captures a moment in time. He loves to shoot what he feels and mold it into works that express that feeling. Unlike many other creatives, he believes building a unique relationship with his clients is the best way to begin the creative process. With his design degree from NC State, he not only have the technical knowledge and skills to handle any project, but has experience just living life and loving people that fuel his creativity.

J "Slim" Robertson | Owner of The Slim Creative 


Caleb Gorham

Caleb Gorham is a 25-year-old multidisciplinary artist who lives in Cary, N.C. He graduated from Chowan University in 2016 but has been working as a Graphic Designer for 3 years now. He currently works at Grifols as their Advertising and Art Specialist. When he is not sitting in front of his Mac creating content, you can find him painting pictures of bizarre monsters and stuffing his face with pizza. His ultimate goal is to spread love and joy through his work and provide an outlet for people to escape from the hardships of reality.


Bree L. Davis 

Bree L. Davis, a master creative since birth on the Summer Solstice — Bree is a Social Entrepreneur, Digital Producer and Mixed Material Artist who blends & crafts canvases with recycled materials & intuitive powers from the Cusp of Magic.


Kai Des Etages


Kai Des Etages is an abstract artist living in Raleigh, North Carolina. Acrylic pouring is the method she is currently exploring. This technique also allows her to capture depth and motion in a way that feels alive.

She is inspired by NASA images of galaxies and planets as well as aerial photography of earth's natural landscapes. 


Kiara Sanders


Kiara Sanders is a mid-twenties Raleigh native and a 2017 graduate of North Carolina Central
University with a BA in Art Studies. She specializes in 2-D media such as painting, drawing, and digital illustration, and uses a multitude of different mediums from oil paint, graphite pencils, to a Wacom tablet. Her preferred subject is Portraits and Figurative Art. She currently teaches visual art to
children and teens for multiple after-school programs throughout Wake County.


Derrick Beasley


Derrick Beasley is a multi-medium artist dealing in photography, woodwork, graphic design and life scale installation. He takes the human form and abstracts it enough to stretch our perception of what is possible. As a product of the South, Derrick sits in conversation with the tension of a history of dehumanizing Black people and being the present day nexus for grassroots organizing and radical movements. His art reshapes narratives around cultural touchstones to help us imagine a more just world. He is interested in creating work that doesn’t just ask questions but facilitates conversations.


Tiana Sutton

Tiana Sutton is a creative professional dedicated to the arts. She has been dancing since age seven and is committed to helping others develop their artistic passion. Tiana is the Director of Tiana Sutton Presents, a production company that executes shows incorporating her passion, skills, and talents and those of artists in the Raleigh-Durham area.


Iseah Jelani

Iseah Jelani is a young artist from Roanoke Rapids, NC. His art has always been a reflection of what he has seen and what  he's felt. He does not have an artistic language but if he had to choose it would be Cubism. He is always exploring, trying new things, and has never being afraid to execute his
work with a different approach.

Email: jelani1822@gmail.com

IG: @iseahjelani


Jameela F. Dallis, Ph.D.


Jameela F. Dallis, Ph.D., has been reading Tarot for over 17 years. Her interpretive style is intuitive and experiential, poetic yet direct. She believes we have free will and Tarot is a powerful, transformative tool that helps us prepare for and make better future choices. Jameela has been painting, illustrating, and checking her horoscope since childhood. She writes poetry, makes jewelry, is a wedding officiant, and a certified yoga teacher. She’s taught hundreds of university students and has published scholarly book chapters on the Caribbean Gothic and Tarot in fiction. Visit her website, jameeladallis.com, for more information.


Jasmine Michel


Jasmine Michel, a Muslim farm-to-table chef and zine writer. Raised in Southern Florida, within a West Indian and Haitian home. Attended The French Culinary Institute in New York for French Baking and Pastry that soon led to the food justice movement, through seasons of farming and teaching in the New England area. She writes The Bearded Lady Zine, collections of poems and prose dedicated to those of the marginalized with tones of brown and black narrative and queer opinion. With her first chapbook, 'Jungle Woman' written while living off-grid on Maui, Hawai'i as a farmer and cook, is a self-declaration through healing and harvesting the jungle.


Shamonique Miles

Shamonique Miles is originally from Newark, NJ and now resides in Sanford, NC. She's been drawing since elementary school, as it was very therapeutic in her upbringing. Not until recently has she taken the first steps to share her artwork with others. Being an analytical thinker, she wants to spread knowledge and teach what is lacking in society through her art. That is truly her life's purpose.


Kari Hill

Kari Hill is a queer black femme from Harlem, New York. She is an interdisciplinary artist who communicates through writing, performance, and visual arts. Her work is inspired by her interests in the African Diaspora, Black feminism, Afrofuturism, healing, and spirituality. She is currently pursuing a degree in African-American and African Diasporic Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Jasmyn Milan


Jasmyn Milan or "Trailor Trash" is a multidisciplinary artist who experiments in mixed media and interactive installations. She combines hyperactive color and grim dynamics to create pop surrealist work. Jasmyn's work ranges from 3D to large scale installation. Her favorite dynamics to explore are of the psyche because she draws major inspiration from dreams and nightmares.


Shai Nicole

Shai Nicole creates digital mixed media art. She began making visual art in 2015 for her fulfillment and therapeutic release. Shai is highly in tune with her emotional body and, deems her creations as intuitive art because she channels what she feels into her work. The process and products are equally nourishing. She is inspired by femininity, nature, color theory, cartoons, anime, abstract, expressionist, and surrealist art.

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