Maya Avery 

 "I have this obsession with endings, more specifically the endings of relationships between black folk. My work is rooted in an interpretive practice of mourning; tending to plants in their season and ushering them through their decay. I’m interested in rendering love lost through interactive community storytelling, plants and the summoning of memories in public space." - Maya Avery, Installation Artist


Valencia Abraham


"My first breakup was one that I did not understand. While it was a very difficult process for me, it made me understand the importance of having a healthy relationship with myself and others. Learning about mental health is an ongoing journey, but I wouldn’t be with the knowledge I have today if it weren’t for this moment." - Valencia Abraham, Photographer


Kiara Sanders

"I have claimed the title of visual artist, amongst a few other visible identities. One title I am less open about is "spiritual", or more commonly known as, "witch". There are no demons and scary imagery involved. I am delving into my psyche by practicing spiritual bathing. Through this simple act, I am learning to unload, refresh, and bring rare moments of peace during periods of uncertainty." - Kiara Sanders, Visual/2-D Artist


Shaquim L. Muldrow

"In my past relationships I have based my decisions on what the other person wanted.  One of my partners wanted me to be aggressive, another wanted me to be more affectionate. In conforming to the opinions of others, I lost sight of my identity. This struggle lead me to finding balance, and getting to know the many facets of who I am instead of allowing my relationships to dictate me." - Shaquim L. Muldrow, Writer and Saxophonist


Britney Symone

"The most transformative year of my life was also the most challenging yet rewarding. It is the year that I made a commitment to myself and began my journey toward mental wellness, no matter the cost." - Britney Symone, Digital Painter


Jameela F. Dallis, PhD

“My late lover and friend, Todd, has been an important catalyst for growth in many areas of my life. As the first much older man I loved—27 years my senior—he helped me understand love and non-attachment more fully, and, through his death, he has helped me reconnect to my visual art practice and has inspired a wealth of new poems.”

– Jameela F. Dallis, PhD, Multidisciplinary Artist and Writer


Will Jenkins

"I am a digital artist that has been running my own studio and art gallery for the last couple of years. I will say opening up my own space has helped me grow artistically because exposing myself to other artists on a regular basis has allowed me to expand my way of seeing things. I has also offered me the ability to mix my current medium with new techniques and style. Through new connections I make everyday I see the influence it has on my current projects and cannot wait to see where it takes me. "- Will Jenkins, Visual Media


Leah Young


"I read a quote by Judy Blume that said “our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch.” In celebration of my grandmother’s 95th birthday I had the honor of photographing her and placed special emphasis on her hands because she’s touched not only my life but countless others. Connie Porter is the epitome of grace and a life lived in service to God and others." - Leah Miracle Young, photographer. 

Shamonique Miles

"I surrendered who I thought I was and what I thought I knew. Letting go control of certain life factors made room for a natural flow of understanding and fulfillment with experiences that my spirit needed."

- Shamonique Miles, Graphite Artist & Painter


Miriam Ximil

"My name is Miriam Ximil and I am a freelance illustrator. My current focus is a series of indigenous futurism pieces based on my experience in LA 3 years ago where I learned to grow and overcome mental/emotional obstacles that were caused by mostly fear. My designs will reflect this experience while sharing my perspective as a first generation immigrant." - Miriam Ximil, Mixed Media

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