Perk + Niel LLC is an independent curatorial consultancy that highlights artists of color in the Raleigh-Durham area.

Our mission is to underline the value of art through the creation of opportunities for people of color.

Through communal art experiences, we nurture a creative, inclusive and thoughtful community. Together we will create vibrant spaces that facilitate social transformations.





We engage with a wide range of contemporary artists while emphasizing pertinent issues of our time. As we adapt to societal changes, so does the work we feature in our curated exhibitions. Perk + Niel possesses a unique take on concept development through the curation of visual narratives and themed exhibitions. We specialize in contemporary art because it incorporates current culture, assisting us in our understanding of society—where we come from, where we are headed, and its implications for present day.

Every quarterly art exhibition we curate shines a light on the disadvantaged sectors in our community and the various organizations who are actively working to improve them. We want our audiences to leave with the knowledge to educate others on these issues and to feel inspired to get involved in their community.


The belief that opportunities are attainable is equally as important as making opportunities accessible. Our vision is for Perk + Niel to become an innovative arts initiative and eventually integrate our company into Eastern North Carolina school districts. This will enable us to create school environments that are rich in culture and forge productive cultural and socio-economic ties with the community. There is a powerful connection between creativity and mental health. In integrating our company into these rural, low- income areas, we will also be helping students build healthy coping mechanisms when dealing with trauma. Our initiative will foster spaces where students can heal and grow through the use of art.


Check out our  Youtube Channel  to gain more insight into the transformative the work we do!


Christina Perkins is an event coordinator with strengths in event management and development. Founder of Perkins Global Planning, an art-focused event planning company, she has expanded from weddings to art shows. In addition, Christina is an alumna of UNC-Chapel Hill and a creative director.

Fredi Nielsen is an alumna of Union University and a former collegiate athlete. She is an advocate for educational equity and has joined Teach For America 2019 Corps in Eastern North Carolina. With a keen eye for detail, she is a distinctive organizer who strategically creates magnetic spaces. 




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